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Online Account Access (PMA GPS®)

PMA’s Government Portfolio System (PMA GPS®) is a secure Internet-based investment execution and reporting tool for IPAIT Participants. Active users can download forms and Fund documentation, view current account information, view and download current account statements and initiate transactions with the investment pool. There is an instructional webinar available to IPAIT Participants containing step-by-step instructions for all PMA GPS® activities. PMA GPS® also enables IPAIT Participants to:

  • View monthly account statements, daily confirmation statements, historical statements and fixed rate investment portfolios

  • Enter transactions up to a year in advance as long as they follow any unique restrictions of the fund, including designated cutoff times

  • Access their accounts online through a secured server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Process a variety of transactions over a secured server

Making a Transfer into IPAIT

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