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 Iowa Public Agency Investment Trust

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FTA Weekly Rate Sheet


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The Iowa Public Agency Investment Trust (IPAIT), started in 1987, provides one daily liquid portfolio; the Diversified Fund, as well as fixed rate investments through the IPAIT Fixed Term Automated (FTA) Program.

As IPAIT has grown to over 400 participants, our three investment objectives have remained constant:

1. Safety of Principal

2. Liquidity

3. Yield

IPAIT participants utilize the programís many features, including a proprietary, interactive participant accounting system and the ability to pay vendors directly from your IPAIT accounts through Vendor Pay.

Participants can also invest/withdrawal funds on a daily basis without money movement charges from IPAIT, check balances or view transaction history, and create individual sub-accounts that post interest separately.

IPAIT strives to provide first class customer service through experienced administrators and marketing staff that can personally assist you with any IPAIT related inquiry. Please contact us today to learn more about the additional benefits IPAIT has to offer!



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